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Tre bliss and Bazz by Bazz Jeans is a fashion brand based in Perth, Western Australia. Over the last 6 years, our designers have been dedicated to creating the ultimate fitting jean for women. Many hours of research have gone into the technicalities of our denim, making sure the retentive quality, responsiveness, weight and colour are always to our exact specifications. The Tre bliss denim is a mix of cotton, polyester and high grade spandex which makes every pair spring back into shape after many wears; no sagging in the bottom, and they never need ironing.

Having been in the fashion business for over 50 years, Managing DirectorBarry Silbert decided there was a huge gap in the women’s fashion jeans market and started the company in 2006. Tre bliss is actually his surname Silbert backwards!

Today, Tre bliss is recognised all over Australia and New Zealand for its unique range of designer jeans, which provide a perfect fit, outstanding quality, and value for money.

Styles under theTre bliss and Bazz by Bazz Jeans umbrella are available in Skinny Leg, Bootleg, Slim Leg and Straight Leg shapes, for women who have a little more to love now, than when they were teenagers !!

Why Choose Tre bliss Jeans?

Waistband Each patented waistband is uniquely designed to firmly draw the waist in to the jeans. The Power® waistband offers extra control. The Lumbaloc® with its triple stitching provides support to the lumbar region of the back. The Asymmetric® waistband acts like a modern day comfy corset.
Perfect Fit The rise and hip measurements are designed for real women, making them one of the most flattering jeans on the market.
Fabric Tre bliss Jeans have been carefully designed with our fabric blend of polyester, cotton and spandex, which reduces the need for ironing, and after many washes, they return to their original shape.
Style Tre bliss Jeans tick all the boxes – these gorgeous designer jeans are fashionable, slimming and best of all, they feel fantastic.
Comfort Our jeans have even beennicknamed ‘the resort jean’ because they are comfortable and easy to wear while travelling.


Tre bliss Jeans are widely available throughout Australia and New Zealand.Stock is available from the Perth show room.

To view all the latest styles and even shop online go to



This is the most amazing fashion forward stock house in Australia.

New styles in your shop every two weeks. Brilliant designs to build a business on.

To view the latest fashion go to and contact Kellie at Barry Silbert Marketing. Kellie will steer you through your purchasing.

All styles are available for viewing in our show rooms at all times. We also do regular road trips to visit you in store.


Jewellery it sell's it self. Affordable prices. Co- ordinates with the latest up to date fashions. Superb quality and fun to wear. New styles in show rooms now.